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Easy credit is so-called because it can be easy and quick to get. It is also flexible because the money granted after the request can be adapted to several types of projects. It is easy because different categories of people can apply for it.

Payday lenders no credit check: when you need cash!!! 

The idea of ​​loans between individuals arose from the observation that the procedures for lending to banking establishments are often complicated. In addition to the documents required to provide, including identity documents and everything to determine the financial state of the debtor, everything must be justified. The addresses which are mentioned are therefore to be proved by gas and electricity bills, of at least 3 months. The sources of income are evidenced by payslips for 3 consecutive months or tax notices of 3 months also.

In order to facilitate access to credit, debtors can submit their request either online or at the head office of the lending institution. Individuals agree to lend their money and apply rates almost identical to those charged by banking establishments.

Through financial organizations other than banking, they thus make their money grow. These types of loans are gaining more and more followers because compared to the documents required by banks, those requested by these brokerage organizations are easier to obtain.

Can I get a no credit check loan if I have bad credit? Payday lenders no credit check accept requests from people with a history of bad credit, or even the unemployed as long as they agree to sign the contract in which are stipulated the repayment terms such as the monthly payments, the rates that accompany it and the duration of the loan.

In case there is immediate approval, the fund will be released within 48 hours or less, following the request for a quotation according to the organizations.

Easy credit between individuals: borrowing to grow

In addition to employees or people with stable and regular sources of income, banking bans or even the unemployed can bid and win their case depending on the financial institutions that offer the loan. It turns out that most of the establishments that grant easy loans are individuals who collaborate with brokerage institutions.

As in all credit application procedures, it is possible to access easy credit in online credit offers. The money granted afterward can then be broken down into consumer credit, revolving credit, personal loans at the best rate and can even be used to buy back credit.

The pitfalls to avoid in this kind of operation

The pitfalls to avoid in this kind of operation

Because of their ease of access and not too strict criteria compared to those required by the banks, and of the fact that they grant loans to people who are registered with the national bank. Bank bans and many people are tempted to take out loans.

If at the outset a financial institution agrees to grant a revolving loan to an individual after he has assessed his repayment capacity and the destination of the money for which the borrower contracts said loan, he continues to renew his contract without further check even if since then the debtor has lost his job. And in the end, most creditors do not check the creditworthiness of their customers.

The latter easily reach the stage of over-indebtedness. But even then, brokerage firms still offer solutions such as credit buyouts. In this case, they propose to combine in one credit all the credits contracted by the borrower with the possibility of renegotiating the rate applied according to the budget and the convenience of his client. Some debtors are doing well while others are making their situation worse and going deeper into over-indebtedness.

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Credit card without Bank ID – See our possibilities Sat, 25 Jan 2020 03:10:02 +0000 Read more →


Not everyone wants to have bank ID, many think it is a hoax and teasing a code calculator or installing apps or similar on their mobile phone. Of course, this has been taken into account by the card companies and it is quite possible to apply for and obtain a credit card without using a bank ID.

Basically, a bank ID only uses it to sign documents online. This is if you are familiar with the technology of course the easiest way to sign documents online, but if you do not have bank ID then you have to sign the credit documents in another way. It is clear that the credit card companies will be 100% sure that they are giving out the credit card to the right person, so it is important that you can provide the documentation that you are the one you say.

You can explore your opportunities through this overview.


Why Choose Credit Cards Without bank ID?

Credit Cards

In this overview you will find companies that have systems in place for those who do not have bank ID. Here, other ways have been added to confirm their personal information and also to sign the documents. Confirmation of personalities can be that you show two different credentials via scanned e-mail with signature or the like and to sign documents you can sometimes use online messaging, e-mail or simply normal mailing. However, there are good opportunities for those who do not have or use bank ID.

If you do not feel safe using online services for various reasons or simply do not have bank ID then you choose credit cards without bank ID. Although today’s technology is very safe and secure, many people are still unsure about using their personal financial identification against companies that run online services.

Despite the fact that the services of these companies today are at the same security level as banks and use the same encryption programs and so on, many are unsure and want to use other ways to confirm their identity and sign.

If you feel insecure then of course you should not use your bank ID but rather ask to do it in alternative ways. Especially those who are slightly older and or are unfamiliar with using data, internet and online services in this way are customers for whom this is applicable and it is good to know that this is not a problem and that credit cards are of course also available for this customer group.


Income requirements and age limit are different

credit cards

All the different card companies have different requirements for income and age limit in order to have a credit card, so it is important that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the different companies so that you do not have to send unnecessary applications. If you use the list above, you can easily see which companies are relevant to you and which are not relevant. It is free to apply for a credit card and if you apply for more you can choose the credit card that gives you the lowest effective interest rate as well as discounts and bonuses that you know will use and thus also save money while you use the card .

Many people do not realize that if you use a credit card correctly and make use of discount agreements and the like, it can be very profitable to replace the bank card with the credit card. Fuel rebates are a good example of this, often the credit card companies have negotiated very favorable fuel discounts and have a family for example two cars that are in daily use and maybe you drive a lot in addition so you can by using the credit card when you refuel save significant sums a month.


Many credit cards also have discounts on common

credit cards

The merchandise such as clothing and shoes, groceries, appliances and much more. If you look thoroughly into the credit card’s agreements and plan how best to use the card, as well as pay the credit you have used on maturity, you will find in many cases that you have saved money on using the credit card and there are not many who associate with credit card use. The reason why it has become that way is great competition in the market and a desire to offer its customers the very best deals and discounts. 

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Home loan: renegotiate before it’s too late Fri, 24 Jan 2020 02:40:49 +0000 Read more →


Interest rates are rising… Alert, interest rates are rising! After a period in which they were historically low, interest rates are starting to climb again. It is, therefore, your last chance to renegotiate your mortgage and thus realize significant savings.


Yes, but how much?


According to our analyses (carried out with our partner Pretto, on the whole of the French population), 1.2 million borrowers in France will lose 13 billion us dollars in savings because they will not have renegotiated their mortgage. And they will not be able to say that we did not warn them!

In other words, if all borrowers renegotiate their credit, they could save up to 13 billion us dollars, or on average 15,000 $ per household. Yes yes, $ 15,000! And by household! Nice sum, right ?!

How to do it?


It’s simple, the Coach is there to guide you. Depending on your profile and your situation, the Coach is able to estimate your potential savings, then he informs you and supports you in this renegotiation process.

Indeed, our forecasting algorithms allow us to see that many of you are affected. Nearly 10% of Banking users holding a mortgage could thus save by renegotiating. Check by doing your simulation? here ?.

Who can renegotiate?


If these three criteria correspond to you, then you are concerned:

  • You have a mortgage which rate is higher than 2%
  • You are ready to change banks. Don’t worry, it’s now easier thanks to the law on banking mobility.
  • Your income has not gone down

In addition, if you have a mortgage and your current resources allow you to increase your monthly payments, then you can also renegotiate your credit for a shorter period.

Ultimately, let us remember that Nicolas Boileau wrote, “Hurry slowly, without losing courage” in Poetic Art. Certainly, but given this context of climbing rates and this significant potential economy, it is more urgent (and more appropriate) to quote Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath: “Fonce Slimane! Go for it! ”. So go ahead in your Coach to find out your potential savings.


Need a home loan? We are here to help, contact us now!

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All information on the bank revolving loan. Mon, 13 Jan 2020 02:15:21 +0000 Read more →


More than half of French households today have revolving credit. It is a practical banking service to have better purchasing power and a stable financial situation. It is all the same a capital between 500 and 6000 USD available per month and without proof that you can use to finance any project. In a few years, the revolving loan has become very much in demand by borrowers.

How does the revolving loan work?

How does the revolving loan work?

It must be said that the revolving loan is aimed at both modest households and borrowers with large means of payment. It is also open to unemployed people, provided they have a deposit to guarantee that the monthly payments are respected. As the APR of the credits are fixed according to the capital borrowed and the speed of repayment, with a ceiling of 6,000 USD, you will not have to pay the high price for your loan. At least, this will be the case if you commit for a capital greater than 2,000 USD. If so, you risk the higher rates required by the banks.

The revolving credit also seduces by its practical side. As part of the range of consumer loans, it is available without proof of use of capital. You can use the amount in question as you see fit: for a personal or professional project, to replenish a savings account or simply for everyday expenses. The amount is replenished every month and is always available. This is why we also qualify this kind of loan as a “money reserve”.

Revolving credit is short-term credit. This also has an impact on its cost. You agree to a maximum of 6 years for reimbursement. The contract period varies according to the financial possibilities of each and the capital requested. You will have a repayment term of 36 months for loans of less than 3,000 USD. You will have up to 60 months for credits capped at 6000 USD.

The majority of French households opt for revolving credit because of the shared risks. As the capital borrowed is minimal, so will the rate. The credit is canceled at the borrower’s request at the end of the contract or renewed for those who still need a reserve of cash. The monthly payments will also be revised downwards. They are set according to the capital requested and the borrower’s possible debt ratio. The fact remains that comparing banks’ offers well is crucial. Today, you can compete to negotiate a better price for your loan.

Accessible and easy to obtain, revolving credit aims for equality before banking services. With the advent of digitalization, you can indeed apply for credit online now. Revolving loans from virtual banks are starting to cost less than conventional bank offers. Zero subscription fees, lowered penalties, low insurance costs: online loans seem to meet all the criteria to attract borrowers.

As well for an online credit as for a contract signed with a physical bank, you will only have to fill in a form and build a file. In the list of documents to be provided, there are obviously identity documents, proof of address, RIB and pay slip, and sureties as well as insurance.

The revolving loan offer offered by Cream Bank

The revolving loan offer offered by Banque Populaire

The revolving credit offer offered by Cream Bank is called “Lite Bank”, it will allow you to borrow a sum ranging from 500 to 21,500 USD over a repayment period of 60 months maximum.

The different advantages of the Lite Bank revolving credit offer:

  • Coping with the unexpected calmly
  • Pay off the monthly payments at your own pace
  • Booking fees offered
  • Pay merchants directly with the associated revolving credit card
  • Withdraw money from ATMs and pay online with the visa card
  • You can adjust your reimbursements up or down depending on your desires
  • You can repay your revolving credit in advance without charge

Sample Rate for a Agree Bank Revolving Loan

If you choose to make a Bred revolving credit with a capital of 2000 USD over a repayment period of 35 months and you only use 500 USD of the capital, then you will be able to obtain an APR of 20.74% which will amount to paying 34 monthly payments of 19 USD and a final monthly payment of 4.21 $, for a total amount owed by the borrower of 650.21 USD.

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Credit for new windows. Sun, 29 Dec 2019 03:11:37 +0000 Read more →


Anyone who owns a home is responsible for renovating their own four walls. And this can go into the money pretty quickly. Because not only the wallpaper on the walls has to be replaced from time to time. Also the heating, the electrical system and last but not least the windows have to be replaced at some point. While it is often known beforehand how high the costs will be for the heating or the electrical system, many owners have no idea what a good window costs. Above all, if the new windows are to save heat, their price can be quite high. Multiplying this by the number of windows required results in a sum that is several thousand USD. Not a little money, which in many cases is collected with the help of a loan for new windows.

Use funding

Use funding

With a loan for new windows, you can of course take out a simple renovation loan or real estate loan, which is earmarked and covers the costs for the windows. However, state funding provided by local communities or cities can also be used as a loan for new windows. This is possible if the property achieves better thermal efficiency through the renovation.

In addition to the regional funding opportunities, there are two large funding institutions. This would be intrasavings bank. Both offer an investment grant or low-interest loan that can be repaid in small installments. The grant must always be applied for before the windows are replaced. In addition, the property must have been built before 1995.

The funding for a loan for new windows is staggered and is based on capital requirements. It is important, however, that appropriate documents for the provision of the funding are always submitted in advance, since the funding is always an individual decision and a very thorough check is carried out to determine who is suitable for funding and who is not.

Other options

Other options

If funding is out of the question because the property is not yet old enough or because the windows cannot be used to make sufficient savings, then simple financing from the bank must be provided. As already mentioned, a renovation loan or a real estate loan are available for this.

Both loans are offered by many banks. They assume that the borrower has a fixed income and an impeccable private credit checker. If there are problems with securing the loan, the bank can be offered an entry in the land register. The bank is then co-owner of the property until the loan for new windows has been paid in full. This carries the risk that the bank will claim its share of the property in the event of default. However, it also has the advantage that the conditions for borrowing have been significantly improved, which proves to be extremely worthwhile in terms of the effective interest rate.

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What you know all about micro credit? Fri, 20 Dec 2019 03:10:21 +0000 Read more →



The microcredit is a financial aid for new business ideas. It is only awarded to people who can demonstrate an entrepreneurial purpose with this loan. As the name suggests, only small sums can be applied for, which must first be repaid before a new one can be successfully applied for. The total of all smaller loans may not exceed USD 20,000. The microcredit fund is behind this loan.

Who is the microcredit for?

Who is the microcredit for?

This type of loan is primarily intended for small or young companies that do not get loans from the banks. Above all, women and people with an immigrant background are promoted because nobody who applies for the loan is discriminated against. It also supports companies that want to train or invest in this direction.

With a good idea and a coherent business plan, everyone has a chance to apply for a microcredit for their small business. An expansion or an investment in growth is also supported. This type of funding is ideal for someone who has been thinking about self-employment for a long time, just didn’t know how to finance their dream.

How and where can I apply for a microcredit?

How and where can I apply for a microcredit?

To obtain more detailed information and to apply for a microcredit, contact one of the many microfinance institutes (MFIs). These are financial institutions accredited by the fund, and are the only ones allowed to offer this microcredit.

The assigned employee will be at your side all the time to advise you and help you to successfully complete your investment. This employee will be happy to accompany you a little longer if you have founded a new company. This help is intended to ensure the sustainability of the investment and to ensure a long-term profitable result.

Loans for small sums can also be realized through companies. There you can apply for microcredit online with just a few details and expect a promise or rejection within a very short time.

The conditions

The conditions

With a micro loan, care is taken to ensure that the companies do not undertake the repayment. You should always research current interest rates and terms. The rates and terms are individually adapted to the respective situation.

Depending on the company and the type of investment, a reference or guarantee from the personal or business environment may be necessary. If these are satisfactory, a binding contract is drawn up. This ensures that the rates are not set too high, but a quick payment is guaranteed so that the burden over the term does not become too high.



The most common comment about microcredit is that the help of the staff is very welcome even after the loan has been taken out. So there is a feeling that this fund really wants to help people and lives up to its promise. This microcredit has already helped many people to fulfill their dreams and finance either an expansion or a start-up.

The repayment in small installments is highly praised by all customers. The individual adjustment of the repayments to the respective situation makes this loan a very popular financing.

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Consolidation of payday loans without capacity – undocumented income Sat, 07 Dec 2019 07:12:06 +0000 Read more →


I have a debt of almost USD 14,000 in payday loans, so far I have paid it regularly, I have no interest yet, because I pay, but I take one payday loan to pay the other one. In addition, I have a few installment loans, which I repay every month, for which I have money, I bring up my child alone, I have maintenance not granted in court to receive an additional 500+ and family payments.

I earn extra money as a beautician, I draw out 1300 dollars for a month, but this is not documented anywhere as maintenance. Now I don’t know, I would like to get out of these payday loans to pay them off and pay one installment only. Which loan company will grant me such a loan? consolidate my debts into one? Any suggestions? what should I do? will I get a hint? I can’t go to work normally because I have a small child.


Consolidation of payday loans without capacity

Consolidation of payday loans without capacity

Hello, the fact that you still repay all payday loans on time will definitely help you obtain a consolidation loan that can be provided by a loan company, unfortunately you don’t have a chance for a consolidation loan in a bank, even if you don ‘t have all your income documented, and those that are documented – will be insufficient.

Unfortunately, I am not able to show you a specific consolidation loan because this is not the mission of this blog.

However, I can give you some tips to help you choose the right loan company and offer.


How to choose the best consolidation loan for the unemployed?

consolidation loan for the unemployed?

The loans and consolidation loans market today is so extensive in various offers that it is impossible to choose something sensible. Therefore, when choosing a consolidation loan, you must take into account several criteria, thanks to which the offer you choose will meet your expectations 100%.

I would also like to add that choosing the right consolidation loan is crucial because you intend to get involved with a loan company for a longer period of time, so it’s best to consolidate with the cheapest possible expense and minimum formalities.

In general, debt consolidation involves the combination of all liabilities into a single liability, with only one installment payable every month instead of several.

With a consolidation loan, you can consolidate:

  • online payday loans,
  • installment loans,
  • Bank credit,
  • card limit
  • car loans,
  • and many other obligations.

By consolidating the liabilities that you have, you can also get an extra amount of money for any purpose (however, I always advise against choosing an additional amount of money), because consolidation of obligations consists in reducing debt, not increasing it by another amount of money.


Types of consolidation loans without capacity

consolidation loans without capacity

  1. Cash consolidation loan – this type of financing is granted without collateral, however, you must have fairly good credit standing, which you have, unfortunately, poor (undocumented).
  2. A consolidation loan with collateral – in fact, with undocumented income, you can authenticate yourself to the lender by pledging eg real estate. Then the creditworthiness is not taken so much into account, because the amount of the consolidation loan depends directly on the value of the property or movable property (eg car, jewelry) that you intend to pledge.


Where is the easiest to get a consolidation loan?

payday loan

By. me, the search for the cheapest offer is best to start with three tools, each of us has at our disposal, what tools are we talking about? so these are:

  • consolidation loan calculator,
  • ranking of consolidation loans,
  • consolidation loan comparator.

At this point, I invite you to an article in which I described how to use these tools: How to find the CHEAPEST credit or loan? calculator + comparison engine + ranking. I would also like to add that when choosing a consolidation loan or consolidation loan, you should be careful and prudent.

To choose the best offer from a number of proposals, compare the selected offers with each other, primarily guided by the costs you incur due to consolidation. The more loan offers you see, the better you will know which loan company offers the cheapest, easiest and fastest consolidation!

When it comes to the cost of consolidation, pay special attention to the APRC indicator, which illustrates the percentage of the cost of incurring a liability (the lower the ratio – the better). Before taking an online consolidation loan, it is worth making a phone call to this loan company and confirming the cost of consolidation, also asking for the documents they require. Of course, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the offer of the local loan company in your area (provided that their offer is satisfactory and profitable).


Main and secondary consolidation costs

I mentioned that you should pay attention primarily to the APRC loan, but in addition to this indicator, it is also worth paying attention to:

  • commission charged by the loan company for granting the consolidation loan,
  • and the total cost of consolidation.

The total cost of granting the consolidation loan will show you how much you will have to pay back over the entire duration of the consolidation agreement, along with all the incidental costs you incur.


How to adjust the amount of consolidation loan and installments?

How to adjust the amount of consolidation loan and installments?

Since your debt in payday loans is USD 14,000, look for a consolidation loan of USD 14,000, now it is time to determine the amount of the consolidation loan installment. Here you will have to do homework, which consists of calculating your creditworthiness, so you have to count all your revenues and expenses and calculate what monthly installment of the consolidation loan you are able to pay!

Take into account the seasonality of your revenues and unforeseen expenses that you may have to bear in the future, the main thing is to calculate the installment that you can afford, even if I do not know what happened … so take into account the different life scenarios!. But know and remember that extending the repayment period, even when the consolidation installment decreases, unfortunately increases the total cost of the loan.

That’s why you can’t unduly lower the installment to unnecessarily extend the repayment period of the consolidation loan, while bearing higher financing costs, ie interest.

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